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An avid lover of all the arts of expression, Tatiana is a Musician, Performer, and an Entrepreneur. Tatiana has diligently worked in the Entertainment industry for over 14 years. She is a well-seasoned business owner who understands the industry, and has applied her education and challenging experiences to strategically deliver quality work along with an incredible performance in all avenues of dance, music and stage performances. She has hand-picked a dedicated team who is passionate about their work, and committed to creating an ambiance and theme which will ensure a unique experience. Her goal is simple — deliver a unique and awe-inspiring experience for the targeted audience.

10 NW 2nd Street Miami, FL 33128

The team at Aura Entertainment has been in the performing and entertainment industry for over 14 years. Time has given us true experience in learning what it takes to deliver an incredible performance in all avenues. Additionally, our team also offers real world business experience allowing us to be practical, innovative and reliable to our clients. We strive to be the best in the business offering you exceptional performers and a new artistic approach. Imagination is our playground, Creativity is our Mother and we welcome you to our World.